Look at the news about another outbreak of a virus in China. Look at the recent statement from Bill Gates of how there could be a potential flu or virus where up to 30 million people could die. The elite are already telling you to be prepared.

If you have been immunised you may be susceptible to activation of dormant ribonucleic acids in your body activated by chemical spray in selective areas.

There have been major weather changes, fires in Australia, and now hail storms. Major chemtrail spraying and weather modification going on.

It appears that the agenda of depopulation is about ready to happen with earth changes and magnetic changes happening on the planet. There is a lot you don’t know that the elite know.

There is a lot of stress along the California Cascadia subduction zone. There may be a release of this vault very soon, so it might be a good time to do a little preparation for emergencies for your family and household.


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