The purpose of love between two people is to accentuate and enhance the conditions of life in companionship and to draw out good behaviour. Love is to share passion in the fires of creative energy and the fires of the kundalini and to dream together, to age together, to mirror and appreciate each other, and for some to unify creative energies in offspring with the union of the two.

It is obvious in the mechanisms of the body that the duality of different genders enhances the polarity union. The principles of male and female will always manifest in adaptability even if there is a similar gender. It is best to work with what is. When your partner starts to devalue who and what you are and holds you in a negative light it is time to leave. If your partner falls into the path of addiction and substance abuse do not follow.

Be enhanced in your relationships, do not demeanor. Respect yourself and respect your other. Know that no one else can fulfill that which is not within yourself, nor should they. Life is a great journey and can be wonderfully shared with the right partner. For true love is truly a gift in a union of two souls that were meant to be together across the sands of time and experience.

The distance between two people will always seek its own level and the love with another is contagious. Make it positive and make it a sacred union, honor it as a union and with a commitment. For the amplification of life is enhanced in divine love. When you look after someone else in love you are looking after yourself, invest wisely.


Artist: Ines Honfi

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