The element of planets and the stars are opening up gateways again and with that will bring sensitivity on an emotional level. You may be feeling intense emotions, being sad or angry and depressed all of which are the overlay of your intuitive feelings you have neglected with your intuitive knowing.

What is about to happen is many of you will be experiencing the freedom of flight in your dream states and will become conscious, and you will be dreaming of many places that are not necessarily of this earth. This is another wave of energy coming to activate your inner eye and give you a glimpse of the interdimensional spiritual planes, or the higher dimensions as you call them.

Rest and watch in view and detach yourself from the need to judge what you are seeing and feeling, just observe. You have been through these dimensions before. When you have reached a state of quickening it will all make sense to you. There are a lot of distractions with politics and fears of wars but there is a rumbling in nature and the forces of the grid of the matrix, all of which to spark frequency changes on the planet.

These will be happening periodically in pulses for if it happens continuously it would consume your ability to cope with it. Hang on and enjoy the ride with your imagination. Many of you will have dreams which you need to interpret which are private situations in your life that are meant to happen. Stay grounded and take some time to rest.

Just remember the world is something you are visiting and not who you are. It is your inner world that you need to reconnect with. All of what you are experiencing is the temperature of situations in your psyche. Old conflicts and old issues can no longer be stuffed down. As your soul reaches to ground through you it will excite many things, all part of the growth.

So look into the attic of your psyche and you will find ancient history that you are linked to. Look to the basement and you will find many things you have stuff down and not resolved but are not holding on to. Growth begins by releasing and surrendering to the forces of your soul and reaching up to the light and the warmth and the internal presence of the universe.


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