When you shut down all of your attachments and all of the noise the volume of the outer becomes a chatter of noise. As this quiets you begin to hear with a knowing and feeling within yourself. You have to step away periodically from all that you do and regroup to the centredness of your soul. Gaining perspective within your being is a reboot. It gets rid of many patterns that are still uncompleted programs and reactions that are meaninglessness.

When you fast you get to a threshold when you are no longer hungry, so it is with the mechanism of your mind. Learn to shut down your mind, and by that, I mean an endless program of ‘this and that’ and of what you have to do, or what will happen. All of this will ruin your state of presence which is what you need to find. This is how you recycle your energy and bring back into yourself.

Understand that recreation and nature are restorative and that if you do not get recreation and rest you will be more tired, drained, and out of focus. Learn to recharge yourself and learn to dream and to journey with your imagination. Learn to sit in the sun once in a while and close your eyes and feel good and at peace. When you integrate yourself in balance and stop being hurried about everything you must do, you will find you have more time and more energy.

Don’t be consumed by life, be amazed by life. There are always problems and you can collect as many as you wish, but when you stop holding on, things begin to dissipate including the many problems of meaningless worries that you are holding on to that have no merit or reason in your life.

Leave tomorrow for tomorrow and learn to rest, and the rest will take care of you and the rest.


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