It’s a matter of fact all your identification with matter becomes the fact of your identity. Your attachments to matter are what you seek for identification and qualification of what you call yourself. It is what you hold on to and what you qualify yourself with. Matter is formed in creation by concepts, visualisation, and action, which is the fabric formed by your identification with the world and people.

When this process is flowing with coherent thoughts and design then you manifest what it is you want and this process creates your reality. In this science, you must understand that you have a choice in the chance events and what happens to you in the construct of this principle. So what is important is to focus what it is you are forming in the patterns of your life and you can change what you can see and much of what is happening to you is what you mirror.

Your forms of people in social concepts form a state of your emotional balance. Change the things around you in harmony and clarity and your emotions will also change as a direct relationship. Never underestimate the power of focus, order, and clarity in your abode. Clarity of mind and heart requires maintenance and you have only so much space about you.

Learn to let things go and finish your cycles and learn to return things you don’t need in your life, including material things. Get them out of your space to allow new things to enter your life. Being dynamic is an art that must be practiced following these principles. By the creation of thought-energy do not make the past current to the present unless it serves you.

The Teachings of Quential

Artist: Krystleyez

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