The secret of the Universe grants completion of your wishes in how you utilise your energies to manifest. One of the main ingredients in manifesting is understanding what it means to “command”. So let’s look at this idea of command and the concept of wishing.

To command something means you have understanding, knowledge and control. You are wrapped around the forces and they yield to your wishes and command. The principles of command come from hard work, discipline, and an attitude of strength and what it means to wish, to dream, to hope, and to want, all based on probability.

Often we wish for things with unlikely chances and hopes. When wishes are distilled into discrete desires held in the mind with specifics and a plan is drawn, then the building of reality can manifest. So should be your life.

The youth are always wishing and always wanting to know, and a lot of this yearning is lost in the older years. If you wish your life could be better but have no direction to apply yourself then you will have chances that are very improbable.

If you turn your wishes into dreams and you practice, then you put your concentration into building your dream and your magic becomes real. Feelings and beliefs that are aligned to you with positive imprints form a fundamental foundation and manifestation through your emotions, your bodies and your time.

The more you get a positive vibration spiralling the more rapid your dreams will manifest into reality. So command your dreams, command your feelings, command your life, then you will undoubtedly achieve your dreams.

The Teachings of Quential

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