What you worry or fret about are oftentimes seen as fear when it is primal insecurities lighting up. Insecure people have elements that pop up in their inner space and reactions to others which aren’t necessarily of the present moment in reality. Oftentimes you hold on to money, bodies, beauty, and vanity as validation and when you feel depleted in these areas you become emotionally enslaved.

The secret is to understand what you can do about making yourself more financially secure and healthier with rejuvenation in your body that begins with changes in your habit of nutritious food and reduction of alcohol, smoking, and sugary food and starches including white flour and bread.

When you bring your body into health with the vibration of light and meditate upon loving yourself and trusting the Universe you can do a lot to quiet your anxieties of life. Keep yourself busy in the positive creations of life and invest as little as positive into the negative, whether that be your own or your friends.

The Teachings of Quential

Artist: Tithi Luadthong 

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