You can make your life happen by investing in it and this requires action. You are the author of your life and you have to pull it together. It does not matter who you are, what matters is that you use the right resources, methods, and actions for what you want to work with nature and laws of the Universe.

Knowledge is a fundamental aspect and once this is incorporated it will never leave. That is your trophy and birthright of life. The purpose of life is your purpose, your dream, and your manifestation. The more you value your life the more polished you become. Look to life with wisdom and spiritual insight.

A life well done is joyous. A life chaotic and intoxicated with idleness, alcohol, and illicit drug use is a wasted life. It is time to take your ascension. You have descended far enough being in this dimension. But remember, your term of heaven is a state of mind, your state can be hell as well. Life rewards you if you seek the path of all you are meant to be.

If you are on the path and you become rebellious of actions there will be repercussions. Become what you are meant to become. You are working with light and dark forces, some very caring and some very destructive. Be careful who you invite into your life, and in your meditations visualise light and clear yourself and beyond.

If you need help ask for it and it will be given to you in good measure, for your destination is perfection and evolution and each incarnation is one step of refinement. You are where you are because that is what you have chosen. Release consciousness and you will see rapid changes, it is that simple.

Do not underestimate the power of love for this is the amplification of the spiritual body. Ignorance makes your life difficult and when you are in the balance of good deeds your life is much easier. You are where you are by your choice. Be in the flow of your life energy.

The Teachings of Quential

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