These are parallel universes and every thought that you make and every person you come across are gears enmeshed in streams of energy exchanges. Many forces in life happen. The astral plane harbors the unmanifested thoughts and creations thinking to materialize in this realm and this is where I caution you.

Make sure you temper your lusts and your passions that are negative and violent based out of revenge, and reactions to negative people in your life. When you think of others you are connecting with them and when they think of you they are connecting with you, and this is a busy process.

You can be pulled into violence and bad energies without being conscious of it yet you are participating on those levels. That is why is it ever so important to keep love in your heart and not succumb to anger and rage to others. If you only knew what you draw from the lower planes you would cease if you were to be conscious of it.

As you have your landfills with unused items and overconsumption so many of you lay in a dungeon being entrapped by negativity. Send those that have been dark and negative to you away. It is best to learn not to participate with these people. The negative karma can bring you a world of hurt and keep you in their stage of illusion.

Be sustainable in your hearts and minds, curtail your greed and your overconsumption. Seek the path of peace and freedom away from those that are linked to chaos and trouble. There are no coincidences, only currents of energy that flow conscious or subconsciously.

As your third eye opens you will see more of the horrifying realities that are all about you. It is oozing from centuries of lifetimes with many people on your planet, stay clear.

The Teachings of Quential

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