What you’re feeling at times is not just yourself, you feel the world. You feel a state of consciousness and this can bring suffering to many an empath and caring person. You also need to be aware that when you are in close contact with people what they are feeling can sometimes be confused with what you are feeling, especially if you are close to them.

What you keep on the shelves of your psyche is your inventory and sometimes you have to be firm and tell yourself to stop feeling certain emotions that don’t concern you, may it be anger, depression, sadness, or gloom. Sometimes you must place this into a state of order where you tell yourself to stop and that it does not serve you.

Passions and feelings are great enhancers and a great distraction. But understand, you can be a warrior and you can decide whether you want to perpetuate it or give it a “go away”. The thing about fear and worry is that it keeps breeding itself because it is something you are dwelling on. With that noted, a great way to change things in your life that is bothering you is to not dwell on them.

Learn to ground yourself and learn to speak to yourself about the changes you need to make and find your power. Go within yourself now and then and the Universe will fill you with light and when you do that you are released from pain. Life is not an easy task but certainly not an unbearable task.

There are lots to do so make sure your life is full of knowledge and spiritual evolution and then you will be on the path of a certain good destiny. The fact you are here as a conscious being is a miracle. You are all conscious beings and all have value and as much as you want to value yourself you have to polish yourself with maintenance.

You all have spiritual guides and keepers that are watching you and are helping you. Keep your vibrations high so you have the higher ones working with you for a good purpose.

The Teachings of Quential

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