Know this episode of the COVID-19 (coronavirus) is part of a greater agenda of culling the human race by the elite. The virus has been engineered and your food has been set up to ruin your immune system with hormones and carcinogenic substances. Your water is fluoridated and your air is injected with aerosol spraying of aluminum, barium, silicates, and thorium.

Now online is the 5G oscillator which affects minds and emotions that will drive many people mad. These radiations are not healthy. There are rulers on your world whose goal is to lean out the population to study it. They want to create insanity on the world, but they need your cooperation to do it. The human race is in a state of devolution and biological artificial intelligence hybridization.

The ingredients of your soul and life force are entrapped and directed by the controllers. There are agendas of intelligence and special programs that go beyond the planet. Those that are of the light and of the calibre of higher frequencies are taken to higher conscious realms for healing and transitioning with the new world. You are pawns in a game beyond your comprehension.

In addition to all the fear of the virus for control, there are going to be many earthquakes and volcano eruptions and weather abnormalities. These viruses are a diversion because other things are happening at a greater magnification. Many multidimensional beings are interceding as best they can. Soon there will be sightings of magnificent technologies that are light years ahead of yours.

Understand you are unified throughout the universe and multidimensional beings and what you call thyself as a human is only a small aspect. Keep in mind, the purpose of a body is to run programs and lessons to establish growth on a soul level. Just as there are many higher levels of reality and consciousness, there are very lower levels with corrupt and demented elements.

The creative mind will not come to your legacy if you choose negativity. You will fall into realms and states and will experience hell, all of which is experience. You are being tested on many levels and this will be an intense time on the planet. This is the time you have been waiting for, but those of pure of heart with integrity will have many angels of light protecting them. This is a time of closure and with all of the chaos and darkness it will also be a time of great renewal and reset on the minds and souls of many of you.

You will all be where you need to be by your vibrational selections. Keep your eyes, ears, and soul open to the visions and intuitive awareness that will pull you where you need to be in these times. This COVID-19 is phase one to observe and see the reactions. These are not punishments from a god but administered warfare on your species by the elite and their agenda.

Call upon your spirit guides to help you and surround yourself with love and positive thoughts. Clean down your excess and make provisions for survival. The masses are just pawns in the game and should choose not to participate in fear-mongering.


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