Many things are happening behind the scenes with Covid-19. Elite figureheads are stepping down from their positions, both voluntary and involuntary including bankers, politicians, film directors, and movie actors. Behind closed doors are counsels of lawyers with admiral law convicting child traffickers, paedophiles, and murderers. There is a whole organisation going down worldwide in a last-ditch effort. The virus has been engineered and released that it will cripple the world economy.

Since the world is run on fiat money there will have to be a recalibration of what that will be based on, which will be the gold standard. The attempts to calibrate the banks have failed and the attempts to impeach Donald Trump have failed and the actions of senators, congress, and heads of finance are coming into question. Much is being bought to the table and it is colossal. Though the virus is very real it shall vanish very quickly. Stay strong, stay focused. There have been a lot of battles behind the scenes.

The elite are being taken down and this is the final chapter. New systems of management and financial currency are underway but there is a great deal of resistance and interference from the Democratic party making things difficult by not allowing relief checks to American people to pass. Instead, they want people in a state of panic. This isn’t about Democrats, it’s about corruption being exposed.

There is something more climatic than what you are being told of planetary consequence which will include dormant volcanos and earthquakes in Washington and California. There will be more rumblings of a great degree in the midwest in the caldron that is Yellowstone. All of this is being staged so people will be stocked up on food while the military immobilises the major disaster that is not told to the people until it happens.

This is part of the great cleansing and purging. There has been a lot of stockpiling of resources with food and provisions. The nature of what is to become cataclysmic cannot be told to the masses because panic and insanity will be rampant. The good news is many of you will have plenty of toilet paper because you are all going to need it. Do you think the coronavirus is bad? Sit back and enjoy the show.

There are military trucks stationed in the cities. For many of you, there is nothing you can do. You have been given messages by Hollywood because they have to tell you, from Deep Impact to 2012. This is a great time and there will be extraterrestrial visitors assisting with the transition and many of their craft will be seen in large numbers in the heavens.


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