What’s going on in the political arena with the coronavirus is a diversion, for there is a greater challenge. If vaccinations become mandatory you will get sick or die from vaccinations. The most frightening thing that can happen is people lining up for vaccinations as a time bomb to kill most of the population.

There are experimental power shutdowns by utility companies owned by the elite along with huge coverups of the coronavirus which is not all that lethal. There will be major earthquakes rumbling and strange weather phenomena. Massive mobilisation of tanks and the national guard are being deployed in countries all around the world for your own safety.

I strongly believe that we are about to enter major earthquakes, polar shift, and massive world chaos on an epic scale. There will also be volcanoes, high winds, and electromagnetic storms from the sun. The astroid C19 will be a marker and things will be escalating in the next 60 days. I would strongly suggest you prepare yourself for survival.

I have been trying to reach Quential but the last he spoke of were meteorites, earthquakes, and volcanoes. Something big is ready to happen and this can be felt in the psyche of the awakened ones. The elite doesn’t have the answers on how the geophysical changes will unravel and they are primarily worried about their own safety and survival.

The whole thing is being watched and how it plays out will be a great cleansing. The cleansing will come when the lightworkers become activated and the higher dimensional beings work with the reconstruction and evolution of the planet.

There are geophysicists and astronomers that are being threatened from informing the population. The closer this crisis comes, the more bizarre restrictions will be implemented. The internet will be shut down to stop the panic and the national guard will implement martial law TO PROTECT against gangs, looters, and world chaos.


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