The makers that have engineered your species are returning. The planet begins another cycle every 3600 years. The remaining tablets of history were taken by the church. The knowledge from the ancient lands is in the Vatican and they have been the keepers, along with the Masons, of what happened to the planet and your connection to the stars. Your religious leaders have not pursued the path of wisdom, love, and evolution but self-indulgence, conceit, and idolatry. None of which is a worthy power a leader should have to be masters of themselves.

Within the DNA is the power of the Elohim the Annunaki and that is your ancestry. Your true potential as a human race and species has been corrupted and sentenced to the matrix of illusion by the Annunaki and the overlords in their fraternities and secular organisations that control your very food and lodging. You are totally enslaved so you can’t be in touch with the development of your soul. Most of your time and effort are given to survival which should be free as habitable rights.

The expenses you pay are to prevent your society from evolving the way it could have. Every 3600 years the experiment of humans is seen again by the Annunaki that live on Planet X. There are factions that like humans and those that do not. But your souls, DNA, and consciousness are linked together and are designated for an escape by the cosmic doorways that are inner dimensionally opening up. Your quarantine is not about a virus it is about world events that are happening that your planet is ready to experience with the return of Planet X.

Many of you will make a quantum leap and come online with cosmic powers and wondrous DNA activation with strands ramping up into energies that are your roots. The Illuminati know this and the time of the planet return. They don’t want you empowered as a human species so they are working to create a virus that will keep you from activating your DNA strands and the frequencies of your starseed ancestors. With the starseed and genetic patterns, you have chosen to incarnate. There are multidimensional star seeds each with selected traits and potentials that will awaken you and come online.

There is at this time a metamorphic change that will happen to many of you in inner dimensional consciousness and awareness levels. You will perceive much of what is going on in the drama of the matrix. This is why they want vaccinations, so you can become enslaved to artificial intelligence and linked to 5G and electromagnetic control of brainwaves which controls your sense of wellness. These are being used in an attempt to keep you coming online. Within the next few months, there will be many sightings of UFO and many terrestrial and inner dimensional spacecraft in the skies. Know that these are the Annunaki and Elohim.

This is why Donald Trump is talking about the white caps, the new party, and ‘woke’ because many of you will be waking up from a dream. Let the foolish get vaccinated and be buried with the dead and let the brave warrior fight to activate their consciousness and be linked to their family and evolve further onwards beyond this abyss. There will be more important things than toilet paper, milk, and eggs. The human race is at stake and we need a headcount of conscious aware beings for a critical mass that will save mankind and will allow the majority to move beyond the new world order.

Listen and listen carefully, the soul needs to move towards your destiny from pathetic enslavement. Be prepared for meteorites and earthquakes but understand the messengers are already here with their ships along with other members of the galactic federation to assist in the destruction of the cabal. This is childhood’s end and is your birthright as starseed. Time as you know it vibrates to your grasp of consciousness. There is a contract to release your enslavement and the Annunaki must make good on that universal law for tinkering the life force energies of prime source, and are returning to do so.



  1. This writing keeps showing up for me to read. I wish I had some wise words to say, however, they have all been said right here. Thank you to all of you for the grace you give me, the understanding of where I am on this journey. These are the words I shared with those I love and thought loved me. These are the words of my truth and I stand by them as if they came from my own mouth. I have found nothing on social media that says the truth so clearly. No sugar coating here nor promises of a bright light future. Only the reality of what truly is. Much love to all of you with so much gratitude for the part you all play in my being. Kat-tie


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