You are at a very exciting time and there has been a lot of malicious attempts with Donald Trump’s presidency, when he and his administration are in fact arresting individuals who are in house arrest for human trafficking, blood sacrifice, and cannibalism. The supply of adrenochrome will not come from the tears of children. There are caverns in deep underground units of the world leaders who have been working with very dark agents in satanic ritual fraternities and sororities and their secret lives are being exposed.

This is why they keep attacking Donald Trump and his administration because they are in fear of their exposure. There has been a massive acceleration of the agenda of the Bilderberg Group, the United Nations, and the World Health Organisation. They’re desperately trying every move they can to halt the clearing of the swamp of your political leaders. They do not care if they kill American people like 9 11 or if they deceive. They do not want their way of life to be altered.

There is a Great War going on that you aren’t seeing with the Coronavirus. There will be disclosure and Donald Trump’s space force has been around longer than his administration. There are other advanced races of the earth and they are wanting to help humanity. The cabal and very rich have been aware of much devastating earth changes. China, Russia, Switzerland, and other world countries have a vast network of underground safety bases for potential catastrophic events that could happen.

This planetary body returns every 3600 years. there will be a lot of sightings of space craft which will be doing their part to take out meteorites that could potentially hit the earth. There is about to occur change at all levels to your perceptions and spiritual awareness to your place in the heavens and the universe. What you have been going through for the past two weeks is preparation for intense times ahead. Donald Trump is going great lengths to keep things as sane as possible in these times.

If they succeed in taking out Donald Trump then you will all be forced a world economy of one of the greatest depressions in the history of the world which will lead to chaos. Please exercise good judgment during these times and follow your heart and instincts. This is a time of great cleansing and there are still a lot of battles on both sides that go beyond what you can do. Try to keep yourself calm and right with your soul.

Understand the rulers of the world control you with religion and money that keeps you enslaved and mankind from being more advanced. Because their agendas have been based on lies and suppression it is not sustainable and is crumbling. Keep your integrity and live to the highest potential during these times, because the vibration of your force field invites you to these experiences.


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