When you run into negative souls you must learn to be mindful of the energy you flow at someone. This is why cognitive dissonance increases and you continue making cords with people. Be one of the masters of life by not participating with negative people.

Fear has no power if you refuse to participate and react. This is the inroad with how fear controls you. People are fear-driven because they don’t have a connection to their soul or inner voice directly linked to the presence of the Universe which is consciousness. They are asleep in the world dimension.

The greatest lesson you can learn in life is to respect others and to know that your realities are not the same and that is ok. You must ask yourself what reality you have to share with others. Understand the soul is powerful but if in the company of disruptive souls it becomes part of those patterns and you become group consciousness, instead of an individual agent seeking to graduate this earth school and boot camp, and that is up to you.

One very important thing is to be cautious and choose those of your tribe and clan with the same belief systems and awareness levels and bandwidth. Be very careful about having too much compassion for people who are takers and will give you nothing.

Understand to always check the boundaries of others by how you feel when you make exchanges with them. Even your family members are independent variables and can somehow be against the freedom of self-expression and mastery. Your world is a seed to grow so remove all of the holes created by being involved with wreckless people with their intention to provoke things.

Remove the toxic work environments. It is then the natural function of the soul to manifest because you’ve released the virus of others. You will find you are not drained and sickened because sickness is very contagious with the elements of the outer. If you find yourself having to get back at others with revenge instead of resolution then all that extra energy you are downloading from the situation is the drama of yourself and others. It is a magnet and will pull the same energy back to you.

Learn compassion, love, and understanding but turn the volume down to zero with negative people and your life will expand to its greatest potential. What is happening is divide and conquer with hatred, whether political or religious, all set for you to argue, and when you get into that trap it is fear-based. So find your light within to bring the best to yourself and the world.


Artist unknown.

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