The gravity of the planets and position of the celestial bodies are clocks that affect the gravitational pull. The celestial bodies do affect conditions in the psyche, mind, and body, both singularly and collectively. On a physical level, it is a process but in reality it is magnetic conduction. We are all waves of energy and form and the range of the earth to the sun will amplify certain frequencies and natures that light up psychically, as well as within the collective consciousness.

Saturn is one of the strongest influences on man. It has extremely high magnetic radio waves and other waves that affect planetary bodies in this solar system. Saturn has always been acknowledged by the occult and secret societies because they know the power of this planet. Saturn represents the exposure of the nature of people, both hidden and overt, and their deeds of the past and present. This will amplify the nature and cycles which will burn out or will magnify.

Everything is reaching a change of state, a karmic release, and it is important to know that yourself and the people in your life are seeing the duality of their personalities and what they are. Others around you will activate the good things but also negative issues of other times from the past. This is especially important with family members and friends. Everything is being bought to the table by the judge. Saturn is the judge and this is a time for great release, healing, and completing cycles.

If you have been in toxic relationships it is good to close the door. The greatest karma is to work on youself. Learn to complete cycles to heal ancient relationships with others. This is a time for great growth and also of great loss, but it is the resurrection of your power. More importantly, learn to glow and be on your course, working with and against the currents as you need to. Never underestimate the power of your soul to guide you.

Much is happening on many levels but do not be distracted and look to your inner guidance and duties. The density and substance of people is going to be cast. The spiritual beings will break free and the takers will become more and more dead in a physical dementia. All of their toxic identifcation will be amplified and extreme. Be aware, for time as you know it is accelerating quickly and resequencing.

These chain of events are happening quickly, for the earth is ready to be pulsed with magnetic innerdimensional upgrades as well as solar flares, all of which will churn up your advancement.


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