We are in a marvellous time of synchronicity in the universe. It is an epic time for transition and activation of the consciousness and soul that inhabits the body. The body is a very limited vehicle for consciousness, self-relation, and self-awareness. It isn’t until you activate your superconscious connection that you will remember what you are. The most fundamental element of the brain is between lobes and is the seat of the soul. The pineal gland has cones for inner vision and takes command to the base of the spine in both hemispheres of logical space and time and sequencing, to the non-logical creative side of the human spirit. The activation of the pineal gland opens the throttle of consciousness to the entity and soul spark in your bodies.

Fluoride and the engineered food is designed to deactivate the sacred part of consciousness in mind, body, and experience. This is why fluoride was added. You are at an epic of inner dimensional frequency bonding to all matter and dimensions to the central galaxy. New information is being realised in this sector of the galaxy. All matter of consciousness and all states of being will be affected. With this there will be many changes to the planet and a shift of the poles for realignment to the way the planet was supposed to be. With this will become a doorway that the builders of this planet and your souls are returning. This is known in the occult books and in the secret manuscripts all taken from Alexandria, and the Aztec to the Lemurian, Atlantean, and Sumerian.

Your consciousness and soul spark has not come online to access but will shortly. Time is moving at a rapid rate. Events are happening and your core natures are surfacing. Those that are selfish and unloving, that nature will be coming out. Those who are loving and wise and of higher knowing will be with the hidden powers. The planet is going through a great change, some call a cleansing but it is activation and 2020 vision of the inner dimensional frequencies that will be activated with waveforms, magnetic pulses, and a sense of knowing. All that is known in the astrological scriptures are the importance of the planets that will have a vibrational keynote that many of you will access now and are stepping into superconsciousness.

Your light body will give you greater potential and understanding and many of you will be connected with animals and birds. Fear is for the rebellious draconian overlords so that you don’t be activated as an army of light, but just biological vessels of base awareness and potential. That is why they want you so linked and programmed so that your consciousness is what they say in reality, and they do not want you linking to the inner dimensions or the higher planets. As you begin to open up you will start to see your family and your ancestral connections for many of you are not of this world and will have an understanding of the ancient of days when the Annunaki and Elohim walked this world. There is a vaccine designed with alien technology with nanoprobe chip devices and a central link of magnetic flux frequencies that will monitor you with great computers and your freedoms will be taken away.

This is an epic time for you to really understand the inner path and break away from your relationship to the world with a dream of nature and the potentiality of evolution. It is time for a new world and new consciousnesses and also a time for a dark world and the lower consciousness. As the world changes, those of the higher light will be in transition and those of the lower will be imprisoned into a lower frequency to recycle and start over. There will be many many sightings of very advanced vehicles coming to the planet in the next few months. Many of you will encounter these beings for they are your starseed family. Those that are in fear are stuck so let the dead bury the dead and do not waste your time trying to awaken others. If you look at the stars, and particularly the planets, open your pineal gland and you can see waveforms opening which will encode you with information.

This is what is coming to the planet now. This is why the overlords brought in the engineered virus because they don’t want too many people on the planet. It is going to be a very critical time, but a wondrous time for those of the know and on the path.



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