Dear souls, you are all wonderful and precious and many of you have gone astray and have fallen asleep. This is easily done when you live in a world where god is money and fear is the lack of. You are continually inundated with propaganda and completely detached from the knowledge of nature and the earth and animals. Your minds have been pulled out of your bodies and hearts and you are being programmed en masse to be generators of fear and collective manipulation, you need to put a stop to that.

So I am reaching out to help you pull the plug of fear. Sit and ground yourself and stop running fear because you are all internal beings. As long as you keep downloading and processing reactions of the world through hate or amusement and curiosity, all of those will download the viruses encapsulated in the programming of the overlords of your world. The elite do not have respect or appreciation for any of you. Loving they are not. They will take whatever the can for your life-force to support their unloving unspiritual agendas.

You are being led down a path of technological enslavement that is not for you. Your minds have been engrossed with simulations of electromagnetic pulses that trigger the mind like a drug and opiate, replacing the beauty of nature and the excitement of life with fear and slavery. Right now is about time for major growth and major battle. This is an epic time and you had to go through many battles within yourself to be prepared for this time, you that are of the light. Think about an immune system being ready to take on any oppression and attenuate your psyches and mind to the higher frequencies of knowing, then you are making ascension.

Things will fall into place. You are where you need to be. There are many states, there is mass darkness in the world and there is light. Find your clan and collective mindsets and do not waste your time to convince the brainwashed and stubborn. You will begin to awaken and much of your memories of your real dimensional self will start manifesting, as well as your powers. Your reality is not the same as the others because they do not have the bandwidth to be in touch with the wonders of the world and the universe.

Detach from fear and worry and follow your inspirations and put your energy into making those manifest. Find the company of the enlightened and stay away from the illusion.


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