When you have been asleep and you are awakened by a call you check the time and orientate yourself from the deep sleep, so should the events happening now on the planet be your wake up call. A call for action. Either you answer the phone and rise, or you turn off the alarm clock and fall asleep with the rest of the masses.

The coronavirus episode was engineered as a ‘plandemic’ to break the economy and use it as a weapon to the world, in particular toward Donald Trump, his supporters, and the Republican Party. It seems their turf and control are being psyched so this coronavirus is a retaliation of all the great points made by Donald Trump and for the economy.

You are at the doorstep of desperation and systematic agents are being set up to propagandise. There is a polarisation of politics when you need a union. Never has there been such love and hate with a president and a party. Countries were bombed and programmed with a belief system set up by the New World Order to create wars between Muslims and Christians and now there is a great disdain for China from the rest of the World. There will always be one society pitted against the other.

The planet’s north pole and the magnetic pole is changing intensively and rapidly and affecting the forcefields of the world and Van Allen belts. By the summer there will be incredible heat waves, with intensive winters and earthquakes, and a total recalibration of the earth experience. Volcanos and asteroids and meteorites are increasing in intensity. Think of the coronavirus as a test module to see how easy the world is controlled through fear.

What is about to happen is much more intensive, so the wake up call is to be prepared. Listen to the pulse of the earth and be prepared for transition and formation, which will be a lot more important anti-political leaders. Do not underestimate the cabal releasing more toxic measures of pandemics. That is why there is a wake-up call to unite, so you can see what is going on.

See things as a community and not as a divided world. The agenda is not pleasant so piece together the facts because the world is full of deception and half-truths. The more pieces of the puzzle you have the more you can fit together with your reality.


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