Money is a symbol veiled with energy and power that collectively people trust has value. Money becomes the god, a currency that exchanges your time for a note, but in fact there is nothing real or tangible about paper with pictures and symbols.

So the real power in money is the belief in money. Money is printed by the governments and collectively they worship it and serve it.

Currency will change where money and paper notes will become obsolete. When money makes the transition to digital computerised currency then the monitoring will be on computers. This will take a greater cut into your freedoms and make you plugged into the rulers of the world that control the matrix.

This is a blueprint from money to digital and a gold based system. There is a breakdown in the value of money unless it is reset to be based on gold and something real. The basic fundamental principle about money is a belief system.

Understand money and how it works but don’t be consumed by it because the real currency is wisdom and knowledge because money is not who you are in reality.


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