Controlling feelings is very similar to controlling the moving of the brush on canvas. If you are full of anxiety, fear, and worry, your experience of life will be less than pleasurable. One must look at feelings and monitor your state of charge emotionally, physically, and spiritually. If you don’t like what you are feeling go within and come to a resolution.

The bad things that happen to you by people of negative character will continue to influence you until you can let feelings go and understand that forgiveness is to go within and not perpetuate right and wrong. You must let your problems go to seek their own level. The mere act of pretending can vibrate higher energies into you.

Life is not always positive and pleasurable but whatever unfinished business still has a charge in your psyche. Part of being happy is clearing negativity and poor mindsets, calling joy in your life, and embracing yourself with love. Many ailments are from a lack of love. Creations are from very powerful energies. Sometimes you need to grab the rudder and aim yourself from the negative flow and get out of the negative currents you’re running.

Learn to take action and do what you need to do and the universe will produce resources for your soul in your life. In short, your happiness is a choice of feelings about yourself so change your habits and redirect your course. Let your feelings be your guide.


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