Life has no charm or meaning without motivation, it is just an existence.
Your life’s purpose is something you must find. Enthusiasm can be for a negative and destructive cause or a positive and uplifting cause and is amplified in numbers. Static people will look for anything to bring motivation. In short, we all need something to live for and when you are locked up, muzzled, separated, and distanced from each other and programmed with fear, then society can easily be herded to the agenda of the government.

We are in epic times and the leadership of America has a chance to rebuild itself and clean house, or it will be facing destruction and a new government of a socialist nature, all of which has been proven in society to not work. The young, unemployed, mentally programmed, and brainwashed are looking for something to participate in and are being manipulated by the extreme left ideology that is about to be exposed for its corruption.

While patriotism and love of the country are at an all-time high on the opposite end, elements of fact and clarity are coming to the surface with computer hard drives revealing the nature of some leaders. The whole world is being enslaved and tested for outright takeover by the New World Order. There are major disinformation and propaganda everywhere and accusations, which is exactly what is happening with the political left.

Never before has a president been so mocked and hated for uncovering the corruption that the ‘good old boys’ fear may be exposed and removed.


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