The sun is sending very high cosmic energy. You will feel this energy in your hands and feet and blissful light energy coming through you to calm and quicken you. You who are keepers of the flame and lifeforce energy and translators of cosmic energy into this dimension, be prepared for three days of cosmic shifts in your psyche and reconnection with your oversoul.

This will be happening at a vibratory rate and with your mind but will trigger chemistry and endorphins. Be in the sunlight and away from negative people. Another quantum activation is required when needed most. A great time is coming to the planet and great battles and victories made. These are great clearings.

There is also a polarisation occurring, one which will be requesting moral support, and the other denials of morals and ethics. All societies functions in the laws of biology and the laws of nature. Violating these laws will cause ruin and destruction. The corrupted are trying to rewrite laws in society that corrupt your morals.

There are very powerful energies and a battle happening in the collective psyche. This is a time to decide whether you want evil rulers of communist oppression or to choose a path that is governed by ethics and reason. The corrupted are bringing people to their side.

Human nature has to follow what is moral and right. Forget your technologies, they are just devices. Your nature must be aligned and centered with the truth. The frequencies of those of light will rise and those that are sickened will bring in the lower dimensions.

They will harbour around them and unify with them. Remember, your vibrations will attract the dimensions you are drawn to.


Artist unknown.

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