Are you amped about life? Are you all charged up? If not, you are not operating your dynamic magnetism. A current is a flow of energy and a state of charge. If you are not monitoring what is going on with your mind and consciousness then you are not in the perception of where your mind is going.

There is a state of charge that comes from your soul and connection with the universe and with your guides and teachers, and there is a charge from the media and collective consciousness that forms a programmed loop in your mind.

You choose your connections by action, mindset, and focus. The mainstream lately has been corrupted with programs of fear, worry, and outright lies of fact. Keep your information up to date and question your reality. Right now, the world is being programmed with misinformation as fact, so collectively, you will dream.

Many of you are waking up and have the vision of 2020, and in that, you will see much corruption, flawed character, and evil. Know your information and inner compass with feelings verified by the results of your actions. Be prepared, there is a reason for all this covert activity by the governments of the world, and I can assure you it goes beyond the political arena.

Those of you that are unified to the universe with a positive and loving cord will be guided by your intuition and inner compass.



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