The world is going through a strange time. The powers that be are releasing powerful agendas through media brainwashing and fear-based motives that will become your adversary if you dare differ in opinion. It is best not to engage with the uneducated, and why would you want to? Let the negative things be forgotten. Do whatever you can to unplug them so they don’t have to be remembered.

The more you remember negativity the more you bring it to life. Your identification is the blueprint of what you fabricate in your reality. Everything you think and feel fuels your creation. Once you get in patterns of fear, there will be many, and many fears will be amplified by your focus. The more you identify with something, the more emotional charge you give to the issue.

If you want knowledge focus your energies and eventually you fabricate information to understand what your soul and mind create from the blueprints of your identification. If you have a pattern of fear running into your mind, it creates similar realities because you will be looking for that, and you will be manifesting what you fear. Sometimes the best work you need to do is disassemble your fear patterns and make changes in your life.

The capacity of thought is no different than energy. It is all held until discharged and will seek to replenish. If you want a positively productive life, it is important to be selective on what you identify with because this is the force you are attracting. So even the act of pretending is a principle to enforce dynamic changes in your life.


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