This Winter Solstice marks the official beginning of the Age of Aquarius where the alignment of our planetary bodies moves into the precedence of the constellation of Aquarius. Every planet, every star, and all of the galaxies contain cosmic energy fibres and packets of energy and become enhanced, hence the Aquarius age. This is a change of state where humans, the plant life, and the planet itself, have to come into alignment like a magnet of a piece of steel to produce alignments in what you call the ‘physical form’.

This is a very important time of transition metamorphosis and a quantum leap for mankind. But there are forces on earth who do not want this and are doing everything possible to circumvent your evolution and freedoms. The real ‘inner net’ connects us with the quantum fibres of the universe and Prime source. What you term the matrix are the programs by others to bond your souls and take out inner light and attenuation to prime source which we are all a part of.

Great campaigns of psychological programming are occurring right now that incapacitate the culturing through the use of chaos and acts against nature. As I have mentioned before there are no right or wrong only consequences. It is understood by the galactic federation that the humans on this planet are enslaved with countermeasures instead of high exultation by corrupted and unloving begins. Not only are they the deep state there are interdimensional with collective interference.

There is a great war going on but the timing now is for the next quantum leap. The significance of the Winter Solstice is the Age of Aquarius marked by solar and planetary realignments, all of which are indications of the great times. Like flipping on a light switch in a darkened room, the cockroaches are seen who do their work in the darkness of night, as with the whole planet. Your freedoms are being taken away slowly and you are being trained to tolerate it with indoctrination and fear.

The agenda will include genocide of the elderly and vulnerable and an economic shutdown. The dragon (China) has infiltrated American Politics and the Court system and corrupted the fundamental principles of freedom, so mankind will be oppressed and fleeced. This is why they are fact-checking on social media, influencing the freedom of speech. They know what is to come.

The beings of light, our true ancestors, are coming to take it down. There are a great number of issues that will need to pass and all is coming to light. If the clearing does not occur by great people like Donald Trump, then the USA will fall and be a puppet for the New World Order, including China. This is a critical season and critical time. Do what you can to be informed of what is about to occur.


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