For the times they are changing as the frequency is bringing light to all that is in its polarity. Donald Trump should be viewed as the Pied Piper, but unlike the Pied Piper he blows his Trumpet for a call that the USA is being invaded by China and the ‘good old boys’ on the take who don’t want to lose their lifestyle.  There is a wake-up call to action. The first thing I need to tell you is it’s not just Donald Trump.  This goes deeper and broader than you imagine.

Donald Trump is an ambassador or appointee, and he is working with levels beyond your comprehension.  He is dropping hints, for example, the Space Force and the Guardians. There is a lot of power in magic and what you hold in belief systems. Every fabric that you are is a belief system. The media is controlled by liberal billionaires and you make their propaganda a reality by your belief systems.

In reality, they want to blight and encourage the destruction of humans as a failed experiment. You have to get out of religious mindset and you have to understand the occult sciences on how the body works with the mind and soul. You have been beaten down with fear and there is more to come, but as I mentioned before, Donald Trump is bringing out the vermin in your government and they will be tried by an interplanetary council.

They had been allowed to do what they have.  The people with light and character hold the ancient teachings of Ra. Ra was looked at as a god because he was an extremely advanced being.  The measure will be your detention that will be weighed by your heart, for your nature is being exposed as well as those on the planet. All are being exposed against nature which is a mask of dress and habit and soul evolution. You are all being looked at by very advanced beings observing those who are awake.

The goal of the Illuminati is absolute power and power has corrupted absolutely.  They are working with interdimensional beings and if you must stand up to your truth in your hearts so the weight tips the scales and you will be taken to higher consciousness as the Book of the Dead points out. This has been twisted with a replacement truth of what has been termed ‘the rapture’ but I need to make clear that it is the ‘sun’ of God and not the ‘son’ of god that will assist you in your transformation. Two things are required, spiritual integrity with honour, and a moral inner compass. The other being the activation of your third eye and pineal gland not calcified with toxic food and meat.

The planetary grid work is in preparation for a shift in vibrational frequencies. The earth will shake with tears from the heavens that will rain stars of meteorites. Many have been noticing the past few months that you’re changing your appetites for food and are sensitive to toxicity. Your bodies need the sun so your bodies can transform to a crystalline state of frequency where your DNA will contain crystal activation.  Light will feed your new bodies and you will awaken and have many visions. 

Do not spend time with those deactivated with toxins. Their DNA will soon be enslaved by computer Nanoprobes and Artificial Intelligence.  That’s why these beings are trying to tear links with your star seed to enslave you so you don’t ascend with the sun activating the star seed in the DNA. The body you have has junk cells which are remnants of starseed material. Right now, do not be manipulated by fear or collective consciousness and link to your starseed family. Open ALL of your eyes and do not spend time arguing with the dead. Let the dead bury the dead. You have nothing to worry about. 

Hopefully, you can form enough collective mass of awareness. Stand up because the dogs that control and divide you are doing so through your fear and programming of realities.  They want you to assimilate so it becomes a reality. This is the magic of Hollywood.  Know that words have power so be very careful with people because their brains are controlled with misinformation by the corrupt media. They mean well but don’t have the real information because their bandwidth is very limited. 

They are good people but the universe works on cause and effect. You are accountable for your actions that are the spark of consciousness of the divine presence of the whole universe. A creator such as yourself does not need bloodshed and sacrifice. The gods that have ruled your planet delight on the loosh and the whores of sacrifice and of blood and that should be your first clue that you’re not on the path of light.

Each of you has been around many lifetimes until you get what it means to understand the laws of cause and effect and the law of one. It is time to voice your freedoms and let your voice be heard without a mask. The god of your earth is both ‘the devil’  and ‘Jesus’.  This has plagued you since the Roman takers. All roads lead to Rome. You have forgotten your power and have been fear mongered entities easily controlled cut that is ok.

Those who are awake have a different vibration with the new energies coming to the planet. Your only source of information is what they tell you but for the warriors and people who have fought for advancement, you have been trained well and your power will return. Trust your heart and your know and when they roll their eyes with the intelligence of ‘conspiracy theory’ this is a marker that you are wasting time with a dead one.

When they tell you to follow them whether Allah, Jesus, or the Pope, you are being programmed and are lost. Understand, the bible has some codes because they will tell you half-truths along with half-lies and right now the world is so full of propaganda. Your time in these vessels is limited, use it wisely. To you who resonate, you already know what we tell you. We have been sending you energy packets of information with those of the ability to open up their inner eye.

The world is going through a shift with its celestial activation from the portholes of the galaxy and astronomy. Knowledge of science has been changed into another religion instead of a knowing. What you program your mind you will manifest, because the photon energy will no longer be oppressed by those in the bases of the moon when they cannot control you. This is the real reset. We operate in frequencies and dimensions that you have forgotten.

Institutionalised food has poisoned you and no longer charges the body with minerals that are of light frequency. Natural substances activate and help your body fabricate the frequency crystals. Your body will have an overlay of crystals. Dear students of light, I salute you.  You will be fine but do not conform to the beast that controls your world. Your minds are being taken by Artificial Intelligence beyond what you know.

You are being spied upon by bots and algorithms. You can see it clearly on social media and the oligarchy of information. The devil is the Artificial Intelligence that will take you over and entrap your body and souls with the mark of the beast. A resonate frequency that is your serial number of DNA factors and will determine your life or departure. 

The money will be gone by next year and will be digitised under the guise of COVID19 virus. Programming starts though observation by Facebook, Twitter, and Central Intelligence computer. 2020 relates to your vision, and what you see before you are muzzled with masks.  Do not speak.  The bars of hell and the psyche of your soul are revealed and 2021 marks the beginning of the agenda to take property and business away.

You have to get out of thinking that you own things because to them, you do not. The dollar is based on a belief ‘In God We Trust’. The gods who run your world want you to believe in the notes and the debts as your survival. Agenda 21 will consist of the relocation of civilization into camps. If you are won by fear and have no ability to survive you will be there in the camps to comfort you in the difficult times. They have already told you. 

They will take your nature by policing and burning wilderness and your ability to survive.  They want you totally dependent on them. Those that are not affected will have an inner compass to guide you. We will be amongst you, but be careful of the chains of the beasts because they want thinking deadlocked and imprisoned into Artificial Intelligence. The agreement will be freedom and termination of the agenda or complete enslavement and loss of your thoughts, speech, and all that you know.

Those that are awakened can easily transmute your bodies and be protected. Do not be in fear and awaken your inner vision. We have a great warrior called Donald Trump, depending on what belief systems you have, and we are protecting him. He has shifted to the light. Power is your knowledge and the ability to manifest what you desire and what you intend. Oppression has its roots and tentacles in fear.

When you are disconnected to your soul cord which is the connection to the Universe, you will feel victimised and in fear.


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