Roll with the punches but protect your rights and who you are. Don’t let anyone else stream roll you into their perceptions of reality over and above of what you write as your own knowing. It is time to really put your foot down and stop all this nonsense being shoved into your minds.

You don’t need the 1% to tell you to recreate what has been the basis of morality of this country for the last 200 years. You don’t need these insane corruptions of morals and knowing, right down to sexual gender. The days of your planet are numbered when your planet does not have reference of what is truth.

The last thing the New World Order want are people walking around empowered with knowledge, presence, and power. They are systematically masking everyone to keep them in fear, keeping them away from their very necessity of touch. They are isolating you and making you in the realms of 5G programming and fear agendas.

People know things aren’t right and are trying to figure out what is going on. This is triggering more propaganda and lies and misinformation of what is truth so that it becomes the lies and therefore the creation of truth. The whole world is being taken over in a final attempt to bring much death to the planet and the people inhabiting it.

This is a call to remember the power of nature and the power of your soul. Stay strong in that, because the world is going through wars, volcano eruptions, changes, and total chaos, but you of the light will know. We are here for you and will protect you because you are our family.

Stay away from arguments by programmed pawns. They are being sent by the beings that go around collectively and look for people like you who are enlightened and alive. It is no coincidence. You must learn the power of magic and the power of the soul of the earth and spirit realm and stop trying to engage in their emotional discharge and programming, you wont win.

You only win by leaving and not feeding the propaganda. If you do not feed their negativity it will not overwhelm you and this is the message today.


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