For a wise man observes the situation with calmness and works on solutions rather than focusing on a problem becoming emotional about it. He looks for the solution and solves the problem with energy flowing to make changes, rather than complaining which does nothing to solve the problem. In the short of it all, how you react to situations and your temperament is how you become empowered or lose your power.

In all legal matters, staying with the issue is of vital importance for resolution. One of the best lessons in life is what separates you from attack, and to address the issues. Do not become caught up in the turmoil of any situation, this is the key point in what you term insight. Everything in the universe works with energy and reflection.

Oftentimes people tend to overdramatise things that keep you tied to unpleasant situations. Unresolved problems and issues will deteriorate your power and sense of peace, so incorporate this practice into your abilities and the traumas of life will calm.


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