When you run into negative souls you must learn to be mindful of the energy you flow at someone. This is why cognitive dissonance increases and you continue making cords with people. Be one of the masters of life by not participating with negative people.

Fear has no power if you refuse to participate and react. This is the inroad with how fear controls you. People are fear-driven because they don’t have a connection to their soul or inner voice directly linked to the presence of the Universe which is consciousness. They are asleep in the world dimension.

The greatest lesson you can learn in life is to respect others and to know that your realities are not the same and that is ok. You must ask yourself what reality you have to share with others. Understand the soul is powerful but if in the company of disruptive souls it becomes part of those patterns and you become group consciousness, instead of an individual agent seeking to graduate this earth school and boot camp, and that is up to you.

One very important thing is to be cautious and choose those of your tribe and clan with the same belief systems and awareness levels and bandwidth. Be very careful about having too much compassion for people who are takers and will give you nothing.

Understand to always check the boundaries of others by how you feel when you make exchanges with them. Even your family members are independent variables and can somehow be against the freedom of self-expression and mastery. Your world is a seed to grow so remove all of the holes created by being involved with wreckless people with their intention to provoke things.

Remove the toxic work environments. It is then the natural function of the soul to manifest because you’ve released the virus of others. You will find you are not drained and sickened because sickness is very contagious with the elements of the outer. If you find yourself having to get back at others with revenge instead of resolution then all that extra energy you are downloading from the situation is the drama of yourself and others. It is a magnet and will pull the same energy back to you.

Learn compassion, love, and understanding but turn the volume down to zero with negative people and your life will expand to its greatest potential. What is happening is divide and conquer with hatred, whether political or religious, all set for you to argue, and when you get into that trap it is fear-based. So find your light within to bring the best to yourself and the world.


Artist unknown.


Interesting times indeed. The disclosure of the secret space higher technologies are going to make themselves manifest. Elon Musk is now launching many rockets carrying satellites with holographic technologies. Starlink will not only do surveillance but also set up a grid to keep higher energies from coming to the earth and also holographic projections, all part of project blue beam. This realm is like a movie and they seed your minds with misinformation where it will get to the point you won’t be able to trust your own eyes.

They will use technology far beyond your imagination, for humans have been dumbed down with pseudo sciences and propaganda. Meanwhile, there are super sciences and they are not necessarily from this planet. Those of the light that have loving and caring nature will begin to see themselves. They will begin to resonate with their true self and oversoul to open up and be blessed with a light body out of phase with physical form and energies of the planet.

There is going to be a solar flash entering the photon belt which will enter all life on the planet. Some of the herd will stand on their feet while the dumb sheep will be stuck with Artificial Intelligence instead of making a quantum leap of where they need to be. So much is going to be happening. The currency you use for money is being digitized and paper money will be worthless. Your currency will no longer be accepted.

Through social distancing, they can record your physical gait and appearance with cameras. There is a supercomputer who has tried to predict who you are. Soon people will use machines for thinking, for knowledge will be sought through Artificial Intelligence which is now programming you into one big linked computer system.

When the earth changes its rotation the ancient crystals will activate the higher frequencies that give awareness to everyone. If you don’t have an active pineal gland you will be linked to Artificial Intelligence. Many of you will notice changes in your body and energy and will remember who you are on a soul level. Some will be blessed with a mark on their forehead which will be an indicator that the third eye is open and connects to the soul cord and your ancestry for it is remembrance.

Some of you have paid the karmic debt in your incarnations. It is not about worshipping saviors or worshipping a god, but an awakening of that god spark you have in you.


Artist unknown.


You are at a very exciting time and there has been a lot of malicious attempts with Donald Trump’s presidency, when he and his administration are in fact arresting individuals who are in house arrest for human trafficking, blood sacrifice, and cannibalism. The supply of adrenochrome will not come from the tears of children. There are caverns in deep underground units of the world leaders who have been working with very dark agents in satanic ritual fraternities and sororities and their secret lives are being exposed.

This is why they keep attacking Donald Trump and his administration because they are in fear of their exposure. There has been a massive acceleration of the agenda of the Bilderberg Group, the United Nations, and the World Health Organisation. They’re desperately trying every move they can to halt the clearing of the swamp of your political leaders. They do not care if they kill American people like 9 11 or if they deceive. They do not want their way of life to be altered.

There is a Great War going on that you aren’t seeing with the Coronavirus. There will be disclosure and Donald Trump’s space force has been around longer than his administration. There are other advanced races of the earth and they are wanting to help humanity. The cabal and very rich have been aware of much devastating earth changes. China, Russia, Switzerland, and other world countries have a vast network of underground safety bases for potential catastrophic events that could happen.

This planetary body returns every 3600 years. there will be a lot of sightings of space craft which will be doing their part to take out meteorites that could potentially hit the earth. There is about to occur change at all levels to your perceptions and spiritual awareness to your place in the heavens and the universe. What you have been going through for the past two weeks is preparation for intense times ahead. Donald Trump is going great lengths to keep things as sane as possible in these times.

If they succeed in taking out Donald Trump then you will all be forced a world economy of one of the greatest depressions in the history of the world which will lead to chaos. Please exercise good judgment during these times and follow your heart and instincts. This is a time of great cleansing and there are still a lot of battles on both sides that go beyond what you can do. Try to keep yourself calm and right with your soul.

Understand the rulers of the world control you with religion and money that keeps you enslaved and mankind from being more advanced. Because their agendas have been based on lies and suppression it is not sustainable and is crumbling. Keep your integrity and live to the highest potential during these times, because the vibration of your force field invites you to these experiences.



The makers that have engineered your species are returning. The planet begins another cycle every 3600 years. The remaining tablets of history were taken by the church. The knowledge from the ancient lands is in the Vatican and they have been the keepers, along with the Masons, of what happened to the planet and your connection to the stars. Your religious leaders have not pursued the path of wisdom, love, and evolution but self-indulgence, conceit, and idolatry. None of which is a worthy power a leader should have to be masters of themselves.

Within the DNA is the power of the Elohim the Annunaki and that is your ancestry. Your true potential as a human race and species has been corrupted and sentenced to the matrix of illusion by the Annunaki and the overlords in their fraternities and secular organisations that control your very food and lodging. You are totally enslaved so you can’t be in touch with the development of your soul. Most of your time and effort are given to survival which should be free as habitable rights.

The expenses you pay are to prevent your society from evolving the way it could have. Every 3600 years the experiment of humans is seen again by the Annunaki that live on Planet X. There are factions that like humans and those that do not. But your souls, DNA, and consciousness are linked together and are designated for an escape by the cosmic doorways that are inner dimensionally opening up. Your quarantine is not about a virus it is about world events that are happening that your planet is ready to experience with the return of Planet X.

Many of you will make a quantum leap and come online with cosmic powers and wondrous DNA activation with strands ramping up into energies that are your roots. The Illuminati know this and the time of the planet return. They don’t want you empowered as a human species so they are working to create a virus that will keep you from activating your DNA strands and the frequencies of your starseed ancestors. With the starseed and genetic patterns, you have chosen to incarnate. There are multidimensional star seeds each with selected traits and potentials that will awaken you and come online.

There is at this time a metamorphic change that will happen to many of you in inner dimensional consciousness and awareness levels. You will perceive much of what is going on in the drama of the matrix. This is why they want vaccinations, so you can become enslaved to artificial intelligence and linked to 5G and electromagnetic control of brainwaves which controls your sense of wellness. These are being used in an attempt to keep you coming online. Within the next few months, there will be many sightings of UFO and many terrestrial and inner dimensional spacecraft in the skies. Know that these are the Annunaki and Elohim.

This is why Donald Trump is talking about the white caps, the new party, and ‘woke’ because many of you will be waking up from a dream. Let the foolish get vaccinated and be buried with the dead and let the brave warrior fight to activate their consciousness and be linked to their family and evolve further onwards beyond this abyss. There will be more important things than toilet paper, milk, and eggs. The human race is at stake and we need a headcount of conscious aware beings for a critical mass that will save mankind and will allow the majority to move beyond the new world order.

Listen and listen carefully, the soul needs to move towards your destiny from pathetic enslavement. Be prepared for meteorites and earthquakes but understand the messengers are already here with their ships along with other members of the galactic federation to assist in the destruction of the cabal. This is childhood’s end and is your birthright as starseed. Time as you know it vibrates to your grasp of consciousness. There is a contract to release your enslavement and the Annunaki must make good on that universal law for tinkering the life force energies of prime source, and are returning to do so.



The ancient ones have returned. The earth is ready to make a quantum leap and change in frequency regardless of who is in political power. Those that are in power will yield to the authorities that follow the law of one and are in harmony beyond physical containers, but to the natures to the souls of all life, animal, and human. Everything is intentionally being stopped for a reset, that is why this feels so strange.

There was grave darkness, oppression, and deception slated in the following months but a higher force is taking the plotted agendas from the elite offline. Fortunately, they did not release the deadliest pandemic and this had been a trial run. The race of man is loved with compassion from higher beings that are benevolent. The Roman Church and the bankers are being taken out and the whole currency of money will be changed.

There is a reason you are buckled up in your homes because much is being done to pave the way for major changes. There is a new celestial object coming by your solar system in the next two months and the heavens will rain with many meteorites, the seas will rise with great waves, the electromagnetic band waves will change on this planet which will affect your psyche and mental. Your minds have already been given movies about zombies, tidal waves, earthquakes, and ships set up for the rising seas like Noah’s arc 2012.

It is no coincidence you were given these movies. You have already been warned and this is why in the next few months major technologies will be exposed and given to the lower earth governments to prepare for earth changes. There is going to be a complete reboot of society and the world. It will not be done by their new world order but under the Council of the Galactic Federation and the space wardens who have been meeting and planning these great changes. Do not be in fear, because what would have happened is the mass annihilation of the population.

This is not going to happen now. The evil child abusers are being rounded up and tried. Human life is precious and so are the souls of every one of you. You have been given an opportunity to prosper with an expansion of being and to be given the real functions of the Universe not based on religious dogma and the agendas of the false leaders.

There are sightings of wormholes and interdimensional crafts happening all over the world. What you are now experiencing as ‘poltergeists’ are dimensional realms colliding with the physical. The astral realms are raising their vibration as well as this planet, so you will experience what you term ‘poltergeist activity’ because your frequencies are out of phase and these realms are very real. A life just to sustain a body is meaningless, but to those that hold the key and worked on creation and harmonizing with the lessons of life and soul will benefit from a higher state of consciousness.

Many will be seeing their bodies rejuvenate as they attenuate to the higher frequencies. The unloving and material bound souls are becoming more deadlocked in illusion and will not hold the frequency of the higher realms. They will not vibrate with these frequencies because they lack love and affinity.

But you will experience rays of light from the heart and quickening of consciousness. You will be in a higher state of bliss than you will remember with the cosmic energy you are a part of. You are free of the entrapment of the lower frequencies sucking your life force. All of which you have allowed happening by agreement – caveat emptor.

The message is to become aware. You know more than you think you do. Great battles are happening right now in the quadrant of the Universe all in perfect time for the emancipation of the souls of light. This is your childhood end. The beginning of a new quantum of experience is here.



What’s going on in the political arena with the coronavirus is a diversion, for there is a greater challenge. If vaccinations become mandatory you will get sick or die from vaccinations. The most frightening thing that can happen is people lining up for vaccinations as a time bomb to kill most of the population.

There are experimental power shutdowns by utility companies owned by the elite along with huge coverups of the coronavirus which is not all that lethal. There will be major earthquakes rumbling and strange weather phenomena. Massive mobilisation of tanks and the national guard are being deployed in countries all around the world for your own safety.

I strongly believe that we are about to enter major earthquakes, polar shift, and massive world chaos on an epic scale. There will also be volcanoes, high winds, and electromagnetic storms from the sun. The astroid C19 will be a marker and things will be escalating in the next 60 days. I would strongly suggest you prepare yourself for survival.

I have been trying to reach Quential but the last he spoke of were meteorites, earthquakes, and volcanoes. Something big is ready to happen and this can be felt in the psyche of the awakened ones. The elite doesn’t have the answers on how the geophysical changes will unravel and they are primarily worried about their own safety and survival.

The whole thing is being watched and how it plays out will be a great cleansing. The cleansing will come when the lightworkers become activated and the higher dimensional beings work with the reconstruction and evolution of the planet.

There are geophysicists and astronomers that are being threatened from informing the population. The closer this crisis comes, the more bizarre restrictions will be implemented. The internet will be shut down to stop the panic and the national guard will implement martial law TO PROTECT against gangs, looters, and world chaos.



The fundamental principle of the freemasons was to be the protector of the sacred knowledge. The leaders and governors were to care for mankind with high idealistic goals for the evolution of man. This has been corrupted by a faction called the Illuminati which was ruled by the banking industries, political figureheads, titan monopoly corporate leaders, and even medicine. From the Rothschilds, JP Morgan, Rockefeller to name a few. They have become dark and have chosen the path of warped ritualism, bloodshed, and sexual distortions.

But there has been dropping away from the freemasons of the secret factions. This has been going on for over 200 years but of recent, the noble ones of the freemason are conscious and are now wanting to disassemble the powers of the Illuminati that have corrupted the world. Donald Trump is working on much higher levels to take out the pedophiles, human torture and drug cartels, and the banking institutions, especially the IRS which is a shareholder banking monster that has taken away America.

There are thousands and thousands of indictments and investigations happening and arrests and trials behind the scenes. There is an economic reset while all of the banking is shut down and the economy will be stopped until it has been established with the true management and leaders, which is happening right now. This is why so many high ranking officials are stepping down and resigning. This has been carefully planned and is a major undertaking to keep social unrest minimal but the National Guard is ready to take over should there be lawlessness and looting.

Money is to be based on gold and debt will now be controlled. The Ponzi scheme of the Illuminati is not sustainable. If all goes well, this could turn out to be a very positive shift in the world economy and the government of nations. It has been sophisticated with this coronavirus, to say the least. The comet coming our way C19 will be a great sign of changes. The Roman church is being investigated the priests are being indicted. Investigations into all the money the church has taken are being reviewed.

This is why Italy is having such a flare-up of coronavirus. Many figureheads of the Roman church will fall.



Many things are happening behind the scenes with Covid-19. Elite figureheads are stepping down from their positions, both voluntary and involuntary including bankers, politicians, film directors, and movie actors. Behind closed doors are counsels of lawyers with admiral law convicting child traffickers, paedophiles, and murderers. There is a whole organisation going down worldwide in a last-ditch effort. The virus has been engineered and released that it will cripple the world economy.

Since the world is run on fiat money there will have to be a recalibration of what that will be based on, which will be the gold standard. The attempts to calibrate the banks have failed and the attempts to impeach Donald Trump have failed and the actions of senators, congress, and heads of finance are coming into question. Much is being bought to the table and it is colossal. Though the virus is very real it shall vanish very quickly. Stay strong, stay focused. There have been a lot of battles behind the scenes.

The elite are being taken down and this is the final chapter. New systems of management and financial currency are underway but there is a great deal of resistance and interference from the Democratic party making things difficult by not allowing relief checks to American people to pass. Instead, they want people in a state of panic. This isn’t about Democrats, it’s about corruption being exposed.

There is something more climatic than what you are being told of planetary consequence which will include dormant volcanos and earthquakes in Washington and California. There will be more rumblings of a great degree in the midwest in the caldron that is Yellowstone. All of this is being staged so people will be stocked up on food while the military immobilises the major disaster that is not told to the people until it happens.

This is part of the great cleansing and purging. There has been a lot of stockpiling of resources with food and provisions. The nature of what is to become cataclysmic cannot be told to the masses because panic and insanity will be rampant. The good news is many of you will have plenty of toilet paper because you are all going to need it. Do you think the coronavirus is bad? Sit back and enjoy the show.

There are military trucks stationed in the cities. For many of you, there is nothing you can do. You have been given messages by Hollywood because they have to tell you, from Deep Impact to 2012. This is a great time and there will be extraterrestrial visitors assisting with the transition and many of their craft will be seen in large numbers in the heavens.



There is a power collapse of the dominant controllers of money and banking systems that forefronts the red herring of COVID 19. This has been set up to discharge mass hysteria. The bankers are being rounded up and all of their accounts and confidential information are being frozen and investigated. The investigations happening are unprecedented. When this chain of command is taken down then everything below it has no management.

There are international meetings behind closed doors for a new world order but not like the one you were headed for, not one world power but a reorganisation of the whole monetary system and economic reset. Vast amounts of money that were hoarded will be released to the public. This will soon be released in the form of government aid while the newly printed money will be based on gold and the whole world currency will be globally reset. This is why all businesses are being shut down so things can be recalibrated.

There will be viruses released that will be different from COVID-19 and not as lethal as part of a smokescreen. The leaders of the world are also facing the realization that the planet is heating up at its core that will create weather anomalies, volcanoes and earthquakes. There will also be meteorites and asteroids coming near to earth. The world can come to peace in the financial institutions when the banking industry and the cabal are disassembled in a peaceful manner. There has been a war happening for the last 8 years with the elite special forces and the factions of the ones that will have the welfare of mankind, and these are the ones winning.

The coronavirus is to get people prepared to have food and provisions without heightened social hysteria and madness. Be very careful with the news not to panic and to be programmed into the sensationalism in their last attempt to cause great havoc on the planet. The bullies are being taken down and society is headed for great healing. Never underestimate the power of great healing where the sanity rebuilds itself and the Phoenix shall rise. This transition will be smooth, but it needs every one of you to look after your brothers and sisters and do not hoard.

Now is not the time for violence, it is time to work together for the new dispensation and reset. The world is a stage, it is making a quantum leap from a society that has kept mankind from growing and evolving with the higher frequencies. The bankers in Vietnam are being executed for corruption. In Spain, they’re being arrested and bought to trial and this is just the beginning. The child traffickers, pedophiles, cannibals and men and women of evil are being rounded up and will face trial for crimes against humanity. This is why Donald Trump has so much opposition, because they control the media.



Know this episode of the COVID-19 (coronavirus) is part of a greater agenda of culling the human race by the elite. The virus has been engineered and your food has been set up to ruin your immune system with hormones and carcinogenic substances. Your water is fluoridated and your air is injected with aerosol spraying of aluminum, barium, silicates, and thorium.

Now online is the 5G oscillator which affects minds and emotions that will drive many people mad. These radiations are not healthy. There are rulers on your world whose goal is to lean out the population to study it. They want to create insanity on the world, but they need your cooperation to do it. The human race is in a state of devolution and biological artificial intelligence hybridization.

The ingredients of your soul and life force are entrapped and directed by the controllers. There are agendas of intelligence and special programs that go beyond the planet. Those that are of the light and of the calibre of higher frequencies are taken to higher conscious realms for healing and transitioning with the new world. You are pawns in a game beyond your comprehension.

In addition to all the fear of the virus for control, there are going to be many earthquakes and volcano eruptions and weather abnormalities. These viruses are a diversion because other things are happening at a greater magnification. Many multidimensional beings are interceding as best they can. Soon there will be sightings of magnificent technologies that are light years ahead of yours.

Understand you are unified throughout the universe and multidimensional beings and what you call thyself as a human is only a small aspect. Keep in mind, the purpose of a body is to run programs and lessons to establish growth on a soul level. Just as there are many higher levels of reality and consciousness, there are very lower levels with corrupt and demented elements.

The creative mind will not come to your legacy if you choose negativity. You will fall into realms and states and will experience hell, all of which is experience. You are being tested on many levels and this will be an intense time on the planet. This is the time you have been waiting for, but those of pure of heart with integrity will have many angels of light protecting them. This is a time of closure and with all of the chaos and darkness it will also be a time of great renewal and reset on the minds and souls of many of you.

You will all be where you need to be by your vibrational selections. Keep your eyes, ears, and soul open to the visions and intuitive awareness that will pull you where you need to be in these times. This COVID-19 is phase one to observe and see the reactions. These are not punishments from a god but administered warfare on your species by the elite and their agenda.

Call upon your spirit guides to help you and surround yourself with love and positive thoughts. Clean down your excess and make provisions for survival. The masses are just pawns in the game and should choose not to participate in fear-mongering.